A set of a play(7/’20)

I drew this but the copy. The real work has been keeping in the art univ. ,where I had studied. So an honor. Most of them are elaborate. Mine is rough, but cool ! Aha ! Never bored…
Good professor prefer our idea rather than technique. Because reaching the higher level is easy. Draw, draw and draw everyday for 3 years. On the other hand, sensitive idea, expressive power, grasping the sense of space are…This story is simple, but philosophical. A common office girl goes to work in the central area of Tokyo. Always she is tired so much. Job is hard for her. But one morning she has found the steep slope between the street of office buildings. Looks gentle ? No choice ! This pic. was with a plan. Deforming is NG ! Anyway, she believes there is only sky on the top, but the top has the view on the earth. ” I’ll stand there some day. I want to see the view.” Of course this story was created by me. The professor liked it. So when I was thinking I should leave for lunch or work on, he said, ” Go to lunch. If you add the wrong line, the pic. must die.”
This episode will be published by the univ. , then both of us are happy. I still write the letters to him. His reply is like “Haiku” of Japanese. Needed excellent power of understanding. But all the time, it fits me. I am grateful to my master forever !